Through dream work we discover additional inner layers that allow a significant improvement in personal development

Individual Therapy

Embarking on Life’s Journey
Embarking on life’s journey, we inevitably navigate through seasons of adversity. These periods may be marked by existential crises, heartbreak, loss, grief, loneliness, interpersonal challenges, or pervasive anxiety. They test the very fabric of our resilience. At times, the roots of our struggles are unmistakably clear; at others, we find ourselves wrestling with a lingering sense of disquiet, a shadow that stretches far beyond the horizon of our immediate understanding. Such enduring challenges can lead us into a labyrinth of helplessness and confusion, where the path forward seems obscured, and every direction feels like a dead end. The prospect of seeking external support may appear daunting, perhaps even futile, a venture into vulnerability that many of us are hesitant to make. Yet, it’s important to recognize these feelings as both natural and universally understood.

A Holistic-Integrative Therapeutic Approach
In response, I offer a holistic-integrative therapeutic approach that addresses the multifaceted nature of the human experience—encompassing emotional, physical, cognitive, and spiritual dimensions. This method is designed to catalyze profound changes and foster significant advancements in the intricate journey of soulful rehabilitation, addressing a spectrum of life’s challenges. These range from navigating missed opportunities and stagnation in personal growth, to resolving interpersonal conflicts, managing life’s pivotal crises—including divorce, loss, illness, addiction, destructive behaviors, identity or existential dilemmas, near-death experiences, and overcoming loneliness.

Core Practices and Philosophy
At the core of my practice is psychodynamic psychotherapy, a process enriched by a diverse array of individualized tools:

  • Dream Work: An invitation to delve into the rich tapestry of symbols and metaphors unveiled by the subconscious, offering a gateway to deeper self-awareness and understanding.
  • Expressive Arts and Psychodrama: A dynamic exploration through visual arts, role-playing, and dramatization, providing unique insights and perspectives on one’s life narrative.
  • Transpersonal Tools: The integration of psychological methodologies and spiritual practices, including meditation and guided imagery, aimed at nurturing personal growth and development.

My philosophy is to navigate this therapeutic journey with sensitivity and patience, maintaining a keen awareness of your current state and aspirations. Our sessions are designed to be a collaborative exploration, utilizing experiential tools meticulously tailored to meet your individual needs. Together, we will venture into the hidden recesses of your being, unveiling transformative insights and fostering meaningful change. This journey is one of gentle, yet profound, discovery—a path towards healing, growth, and the realization of your fullest potential.


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