Dream Circle

Dear dream enthusiasts, I warmly extend an invitation for you to participate in the “Dream Circle” gatherings, held bi-monthly for 2 hours per session.

Who is Dream Circle For?
Dream Circle is ideally suited for individuals with experience in dream work or those who have participated in the “Introduction to Dreams” workshop.

Structure of the Meeting
This group is open to 6-12 participants, coming together to engage in dream work through the Ullman method. During these sessions, dreams are shared, and insights are exchanged among participants.

Stages of the Circle

  • Introducing the Dream: The dreamer narrates their dream in the present tense, bringing it vividly into the shared space.
  • Exploring Dream Content: The group engages by asking questions to delve deeper into the specifics of the dream, seeking clarity and detail.
  • Connecting to Life: Participants are encouraged to inquire about aspects of the dreamer’s life, linking dream themes to personal experiences.
  • Gaining Interpretations and Insights: The group collectively examines the dream, adopting it as their own to uncover broader meanings and insights.
  • Concluding Reflections: Ultimately, the dreamer reflects, offering their final thoughts or interpretations on the dream discussed.

Eager to become part of a Dream Circle that thrives on mutual contribution and the exchange of insights from diverse viewpoints? I cordially invite you to share your details and join me on a profound journey of self-discovery and exploration of your inner world.



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