Workshop “The Art of Dreaming”

Dear dream enthusiasts, I extend a heartfelt invitation to you for a transformative and intimate series of five comprehensive workshops, each lasting three hours. Together, we will embark on a journey into the heart of our dreams.

Unlocking Insights: A Journey Through Dreams
In this workshop, we will learn how to interpret our dreams, recognize the power of metaphors in dreams, the difference between personal and collective associations, and how to relate to every element of a dream as a part of ourselves.

Suitable for Everyone
This workshop is perfect for those interested in exploring the world of dreams, aiming for deeper self-understanding, and desiring additional resources for personal advancement and overcoming life’s obstacles.

Dynamics and Interaction
This workshop is lively and interactive, focusing on the interpretation of the dreams you share. Through this process, we aim to broaden our consciousness and forge a deeper connection with our internal wisdom.

Workshop Program

  • Exploring Architectural Elements: Unveiling the Significance of Houses and Structures in Dreams
  • Navigating Dreamscapes: Understanding Places and Environments
  • Deciphering Dream Frameworks: Analyzing the Structure of Dreams
  • Journeying Through the Subconscious: Interpreting Modes of Transportation
  • Encountering the Dream’s Inhabitants: Animals and Characters
  • Feeling the Dream: Interpreting Colors and Emotions
  • Confronting Shadows: Unraveling the Meaning of Nightmares
  • Beyond the Veil: Interpreting Dreams of Death
  • Patterns of the Psyche: Understanding Recurring Dreams

“The Art of Dreaming” workshop series is available monthly, with flexible dates. Are you ready to explore the depths of your dream world? You’re warmly invited to provide your details and embark with me on an enlightening exploration of your inner landscape.

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