People need people for initial and continued survival, for socialization, for the pursuit of satisfaction. No one - not the dying, not the outcast, not the mighty - transcends the need for human contact – Irvin Yalom


Professional Expertise and Community Engagement
With over two decades of dedicated professional service and community engagement, I have honed my expertise in conducting workshops, offering tailored group therapies, and facilitating customized sessions for diverse populations with unique needs.

Specialized Offerings

  • Dream Workshops across various institutions, meticulously crafted for distinct populations.
  • Psycho-Educational Team Building, designed to enhance collaboration and effectiveness.
  • Group Therapies for Welfare Families at Parent and Child Centers, providing support and guidance.
  • Expressive Arts and Group Therapies for Holocaust Survivors in protected housing and nursing homes, fostering healing and expression.
  • Psychodrama and Group Therapies for Individuals with Aphasia in rehabilitation hospitals, aiding in communication and recovery.
  • Supportive Guidance for Groups whose spouses are receiving palliative care, under the auspices of welfare departments.
  • Rehabilitative Group Therapies in hostels and day centers for offenders on their journey to reintegration.
  • Addiction Recovery Group Therapies, supporting individuals on their path to healing.

Customized Approach
Each workshop and group therapy session is thoughtfully designed and customized to meet the unique needs and aspirations of the participants and institutions involved. This includes careful consideration of session frequency, scope, content, methodologies, and the introduction of effective tools for learning and application.

Impact Through Integrative Group Therapy
My extensive experience in facilitating integrative group therapy, which merges the transformative power of psychodrama and dream work, has led to profound developmental processes. These experiences have empowered participants to reshape their thought patterns and behaviors, enhance their perspectives on life, and foster a more fulfilling and enabled quality of living.

Collaboration Invitation
I am prepared to develop a workshop or group therapy session specifically tailored to the needs and goals of your community. Please feel welcome to share your contact details, and I will reach out to you to explore how we can collaborate to make a meaningful impact.


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    “Valerie established a quick and positive connection both with the patients, who eagerly awaited her sessions and the group, and with the staff. With her profound sensitivity, Valerie succeeded in helping patients bring up traumatic content from their past, deal with existing patterns in the present, and achieve therapeutic goals for the future. Regarding her work with the staff, it’s evident that Valerie possesses an amazing ability to immediately create a warm rapport. With her unique approach, full of humor, professionalism, and empathetic sensitivity, she managed to touch everyone involved – staff and patients alike – thereby encouraging the continuation of therapeutic processes even beyond the therapy sessions themselves.

    Any framework, workplace, or educational program would benefit immensely from having such a first-rate professional.”

    Yael Almog - Clinical Criminologist, Director of "Maagalim". Group Therapy for Rehabilitating Offenders

    “Valerie is a humane, warm, and compassionate professional, passionate about her work. Throughout the sessions, Valerie was able to engage cooperation and motivation from complex patients, including those skeptical of the process and those who raised objections. Over time, Valerie built trust both with the children and the parents, enabling the touching of complex parts and conducting a deep and meaningful process, bridging gaps and rallying the parents and children towards improving their relationships.”

    Dr. Sigal Knei-Paz - Director of the Center for Family Peace, Netanya. Psychodrama in Group Therapy for At-Risk Welfare Families

    “Through Valerie’s connection with the students, the girls were able to learn about themselves, recognize their strengths, their abilities to overcome difficulties, crises, and better cope with social situations.

    Authenticity, sensitivity, and caring were the cornerstones of her work, creating a secure space that allowed for exposure, sharing, and discovering the group’s strength, as well as their own.

    The process also strengthened their sense of belonging to the school and, most importantly, helped them solidify their identity and boost their self-confidence.

    The students testify to the power within the group, the deep connection that was formed within them and with Valerie.”

    Dr. Moshe Hershkowitz – Principal of ORT Lod High School Psycho-Educational Body Image Workshop for High School Girls