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Life's journey is interspersed with periods of profound challenge. From navigating the depths of existential crises, enduring heartbreak, processing grief, combating loneliness, to managing complex interpersonal dynamics and overcoming anxiety, there are moments when the support of a professional becomes indispensable. As a dedicated psychotherapist, I am committed to accompanying you on your path to recovery, leveraging an extensive array of therapeutic tools honed over years of practice. Together, we will craft a therapy plan meticulously tailored to meet your unique needs and preferences, selecting the most effective modalities for your healing journey. This may include verbal therapy, dream analysis, the use of expressive arts, a spiritual approach, or an integrative combination thereof.

My methodology is inherently holistic, treating you as a complete entity rather than a collection of symptoms. This approach encompasses your mental, physical, emotional, social, and spiritual health. By drawing upon a diverse range of disciplines, I ensure that your therapy experience is not only flexible but deeply personalized, addressing your specific circumstances with the utmost care and consideration.


Who am I?

Valerie Reichmann

From a young age, I was drawn to the expressive arts, spending much time with my deaf grandparents in Antwerp, Belgium. This unique upbringing, combined with my studies in Remedial Education (Orthopedagogie – HPA) and an advanced degree in Expressive and Creative Therapy (Artevelde Hogeschool), has shaped my holistic approach to therapy. My journey continued with specializations in Dance and Movement Therapy (VSPW Gent), Psychodrama and Therapeutic Group Facilitation, integrating arts and holistic methods (Tiltan College).

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Dream Workshops

Workshop “Dream Introduction”

A 3-hour session providing a foundational understanding of dream interpretation.

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Workshop “The Art of Dreaming”

A series of 5 in-depth, 3-hour sessions offering experiential learning.

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Group Therapy – Dreams on Stage

Combining dreams with psychodrama for a therapeutic group process.

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Dream Circle

Bi-monthly 2-hour sessions focused on thematic dream sharing.

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Valerie Reichmann – Creating significant change through experiential therapy and dreams



Valerie is my therapist and my daughter’s therapist. Since Valerie entered our lives, our life has changed. Valerie is our guardian angel. She is an amazing therapist, attentive, caring, and she believes that everyone deserves admiration and appreciation. I thank Valerie and especially a huge thank you to God for sending you to us…our my guardian angel.

Hodaya Dana Bublil

Valerie is amazing! She’s pleasant and has good energies. I recommend her with huge love!

Liat Katar

Amazing advice and what a lovely person. Highly recommended.

Ella Yerushalmi

Highly recommended! Valerie has such an amazing gift to share! Her knowledge really opened my eyes! Amazing <3

Yudith Guttman

After one session with Valerie I have a whole new understanding of dreams! She helped me understand a dream that seemed completely random and abstract and connect it with my waking life. I am excited to go to sleep now that I have a new tool kit with which to analyze my dreams.

Rachel Becker

This workshop is wonderful, it still helps me on a daily basis, 100% recommended and I believe I’ll do it again to continue learning about myself

Sandra Rabi

Experiential, professional, therapeutic. You can gather a lot of insight!

Leah Hersh Kleiner

Fantastic Experience, her workshop. Something that left me thinking for days and weeks after! Definitely recommended!

Marieke Van Autreve