Group Therapy – Dreams o

Dear dream enthusiasts, I warmly welcome you to participate in our bi-weekly sessions of immersive group therapy, each lasting three hours.

About the Group and Its Essence
“Dreams on Stage” offers a private and close-knit therapy group experience, limited to 6-10 members. It uniquely blends dream work with psychodrama, engaging in the reconstruction and interactive dialogue of the dreams we share, all within the transformative space of the stage.

Exploring Dreams
In our sessions, we’ll explore our dreams with psychodrama techniques, allowing us to venture into our inner selves through action, play, role swapping, and dramatization.

Who is the Workshop For?
This workshop is ideal for those seeking to engage in a profound and experiential journey, navigating through the realms of dreams and play.

Uniqueness of the Workshop
The workshop’s distinctive feature transforms traditional therapeutic dialogue into an interactive experience, where we bring to life and dramatize the content of our dreams on stage.

Interested in embarking on a significant journey with your dreams as the centerpiece on stage? You’re invited to provide your details and join me on an intriguing exploration of your inner self.

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